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PATRONS for Bellaire Parks Donates $70,000 To Bellaire Library For Seating and Outdoor Equipment

New outdoor features at the beloved Bellaire Library were made possible through a gift by PATRONS for Bellaire Parks in the amount of $70,000. PATRONS presented a proposal that was approved by City Council on October 18, 2021 to develop as new outdoor green space in the adjacent lot to the library as well as fund stand-alone pieces for the library "backyard" where classes and instruction take place. This project was developed through a joint collaboration with PATRONS, the staff of the Bellaire Library, Parks and Recreation Department and with the support of Friends of the Bellaire Library.

“The approved green space was be funded through a $70,000 donation by PATRONS for the project. We are thrilled to be a part of this project and delighted to help extend library services in Bellaire,” states Julie McNee, PATRONS President. The unprecedented COVID pandemic revealed the interest of residents for activities in community areas such as parks. One treasured City institution that was greatly affected by lack of outdoor functional space was the Bellaire Library. “The existence of a City-owned vacant lot next to the Library, across Jessamine street from the Police Department and Bellaire Little League field offered a prime opportunity to marry PATRONS’ mission with a project that would greatly benefit a huge sector of our community,’ explains PATRONS Past President, Kristi Coffey.

By utilizing the green space around the library visitors to the library will have access to library services while enjoying the outdoors. The green space will enhance the existing services by including a passive area where the community can come to read a book, play a game of chess, study or enjoy a picnic lunch with a friend.

During meetings with City of Bellaire Library, staff members noted a lack of shade to PATRONS as well as a need for outdoor educational play equipment. Photos of the funded pieces are shown below. PATRONS was thrilled to be able to contribute funds to an area so treasured within the community to improve the space around the library for the community to enjoy!

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